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Rattlewood - Level One Summer Camps

Level 1 Summer Camps at Rattlewood

9-11am - $199/week 

Level 1 Summer Camps with the MCG Academy will introduce and create a Golfer out of your child.  Level 1 camps are perfect for juniors looking to learn the game of golf. All areas of golf will be covered in a safe and fun environment.  After completing the Level 1 golf camp, your junior golfer will have learned important skills for putting, chipping, pitching, irons, fairway woods, and driving.   Junior golfers will also be taught general etiquette and important rules to ensure they enjoy their first time on the course.  ​NOTE TO PARENTS: This is a half-day camp and lunch will not be provided.

Level 1 Junior Golfers MUST be 7 years old at the time of the camp – no exceptions. We will provide equipment for those campers who do not have their own. Summer camps are hot, so we ask all Junior golfers to bring their own refillable water bottles.

We offer these Level One Camps from 9am – 11am at Needwood, NorthwestLaytonsville, Little Bennett, and Poolesville.



Terms & Conditions

The MCG Academy Cancellation Policy for all group programming is as follows:

There are no refunds or changes for any group class costing $100 or less. Group classes costing more than $100 may be refunded for the full amount if done so with a full 14 days notice. A processing fee of 5% will be assessed for all refunded transactions. No changes or refunds issued within 14 days.


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